Friday Night Lights Program Sets a Record
June Night Sees Over 100 Players on the Field at Woodson HS

Under the able leadership of stalwart John Kelleher, BRYC’s Friday Night Lights program, meeting at Woodson Aux turf field 8 – 10 pm with the support of both the Rec and Elite programs for field use, lights, permits, and general coordination, will celebrate the start of its 8th year in Sept 2016.  The program has exploded with popularity. When the program started seven years ago with a handful of U19 players who had aged out of the league, John was happy with the crowds of 30-40 young men and women who would gather … with occasional larger groups of fifty. This spring the FNL program routinely attracted groups of 75 … several times approaching 90 players.

That popularity has only sustained and increased. 

Braddock Road FC
(It Isn't Just for Kids!)

On the heels of a their successful soccer program dubbed "Friday Night Lights" in which up to 100 players show up at Woodson HS on any given Friday night for some friendly compeition, orgnizers John Kelleher and Bob Brennis went a step further and formed an adult club known as "Braddock FC", participating in the Northern Virginia Soccer League (NVSL).  Far from "pickup" matches, NVSL is a well organized competitive league with three divisions (not unlike European "football") in which teams move up and down from season to season based on their competititive results.