Braddock Road Adult Soccer League

BRASL is a 7v7 USSF-affiliated adult league with rosters and referees.  We play on weeknights on the new small-sided synthetic turf fields at Robinson Secondary School. Two leagues available for winter play: ’Open’ and ’Over 30’.  The competition level is friendly and recreational.

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Braddock FC Ends Inaugural Season In Triumph
Final Two Games Result in a Hard-Fought Draw and First Win of the Season

June 26 -- In its first eight games of the season co-coach John Kelleher said that the first-year BRYC-backed adult team, Braddock FC, (playing in the Northern Virginia Soccer League) “…earned a lot of respect and gained valuable experience….” Their record showed some close matches, all ending in ties or close losses to teams with more experience. In only one game where the coach said the team “just didn’t show up to play” were they non-competitive. But as the spring season entered its final two weeks the team was still looking for its first win of the season.  For a recap of the final two games of the season, recounted by co-coach Bob Brennis, press "Continue" below.

Congratulations to Braddock FC on their first hard-earned win and good luck to them as they continue play in the NVSL Summer Cup and the Fall ’12 campaign. Thanks to Kilroys for their sponsorship contribution.  Kudos to Coaches Kelleher and Brennis for their commitment to the young men (and one young lady as well) of BRYC. Both have been with the organization for over ten years, going above and beyond by taking on the adult team in addition to a successful U19 Boys team playing in the Suburban Friendship League, long after their own children have graduated from the program…though Coach Kelleher is “starting over” with twin boys who will be U5’s this fall and reports to the Webmaster that he’s got a commitment from Coach Brennis to coach them as U19’s.  That ought to be fun to watch!


Meanwhile, for something just as much fun but a little less conpetitive, if you want to play in an adult soccer group for coaches, parents, and players who just want to have some fun and get some exercise, players of all skill levels continue to join together every Saturday or Sunday for a friendly soccer scrimmage. There are no refs. We play 11 v 11 when we have enough players. When the group is too large we split into smaller games. Click on the "Weekend Pickup Games" link to the left for this week’s schedule and location.

Soccer For Adult Soccer Enthusiasts
(It Isn't Just for Kids!)

March 7 -- On the heels of a most successful winter soccer program dubbed "Friday Night Lights" in which up to 70 players showed up at Wakefield Park on any given Friday night for some friendly compeition, orgnizers John Kelleher and Bob Brennis have gone a step further and formed a new adult club to be known as "Braddock FC" which will be participating this spring in the Northern Virginia Soccer League (NVSL).  Far from "pickup" matches, NVSL is a well organized competitive league with three divisions (not unlike European "football") in which teams move up and down from season to season based on their competititive results. 

The establishment of an NVSL club is not taken lightly, requiring a significant financial commitment from each of the players, not to speak of regularly scheduled pratices and matches.  But with moral support (and a limited financial guarantee) from the BRYC Rec Soccer Executive Committee, and after the success of Friday Night Lights, John and Bob determined that there was enough interest among "over 18" players to pursue the opportunity and extend themselves a bit further...and they were right.  Approximately twenty players, mostly alums of "Friday Night Lightts" and the BRYC Recreational Soccer program, have signed up for the squad for the spring season.

Kudos to John and Bob for their commitment to BRYC, which is proud to offer its support, and their commitment to the group of young men, some of whom they have been coaching for a number of years as U16/19 players, who will carry the Braddock banner.  (Don’t be fooled by the fact that they will be wearing red jerseys!)  Click on the "Braddock FC" link to the left for more information and a link to the NVSL web site.