Fourth Seeded "She Devils" Play Magnificent Weekend of Soccer
Coach Alcorn's Girls Beat Top Seed but Fall to Another SYC Team to Earn Second Place Honors

November 9 -- As the U16/19 Girls She-Devil parents watched their girls play SYC (Reeves), a team that beat them earlier in the season, they couldn’t help but wonder where the aggression during the first half came from. Was it the fact that the girls couldn’t feel their fingers, toes, or ears, having decided to wear shorts and jerseys? Or was it simply the fact that they knew they had to win this semi-final matchup in order to get one more faceoff with their other arch-nemesis, SYC (Miller)?  Either way, the first half took off with thunder as the girls kept the ball at Reeves end of the field most of the time and took plenty of shots at the goal. They played as a team, which is exactly how their first goal was scored by Ursula, with a sweet setup by Zahra, followed almost immediately by their second goal from speed demon, Katey, as she took the ball up and down the side of the field until a stunning corner kick was open, and boy, did she take it!!

The second half got a little tense, as goalie Kate was asked to work a little harder than she should have to, but she was a wall, stopping every shot that got through to her. As the end of the game grew closer and the girls could probably picture car heaters blowing in their faces, they really became energized and revved up the crowd, running the ball straight down the field to the goal over and over, demonstrating astonishing teamwork that remained true to the bitter end. As tears of joy streamed down players and parents faces (and froze to their lips), they knew they had clinched another crack at SYC (Miller) the following day in the championship game.
The Championship game turned out to be a white knuckled, nail biting, heart pounding, nerve wrenching hour and half for all involved. The first half belonged to the She-Devils. Katie, Kassandra, and Ursula took multiple shots on goal.  Team spirit remained strong even as the watched one SYC player turn the game into a contact sport.  Brittany may be looking for a gymnastics class next season after some great tumbles girl, but she got right back up onto the field and off she went. Lauren was always ready to block SYC’s throw-ins and the girls kept the game scoreless as the two evenly matched teams ended the first half. 
Kate worked extra hard again in the second half of this game as she blocked kick after kick and remained a wall, with help from the defense as they really got into it with an especially beautiful save, blocking a corner kick by SYC when all the parents could see from the sidelines was a huddle of blue and gray and a ball that finally flew out of the mass. Although the girls never gave up and never backed down, SYC finally found a small opening with only a few minutes remaining, and despite Kate’s valiant efforts, finally scored on the Devils.  It lit the fire under the girls’ feet and they played harder than ever, but it was too late in the game. 
The She-Devils made it this far in the rankings by beating the first place team in the playoffs and got a chance to face-off with their arch nemesis once again, only barely losing in the finals to earn second place. They came to play, are here to stay, and will be back with a vengeance come the spring season.
Special thanks to Rebecca Mitchell, obviously a passionate She-Devils team parent, for providing accounts of the two She-Devils games last weekend...edited for the web.