What's a Youth Club Without a Clubhouse?
BRYC Loses Its Temporary Home

Back in December 2009 the BRYC Board and Recreational Soccer EXCOM fulfilled a dream they’d had since they were kids (pictured at left as they looked when they were younger), having their own clubhouse (pictured at right as they imagined it).

That dream became a reality when the owners of what had been the World Gym building in University Mall allowed BRYC to use the vacated building until it was leased again. In the last two year BRYC Rec Soccer has made good use of the space for meetings, classes, and uniform distribution, just to name a few.

Sadly, our "temporary" home is no more. After Uniform Night in the rain and terrible traffic created by Tropical Storm Lee, and an impromptu reprise on Saturday morning for those who couldn’t make it to the Clubhouse that evening, BRYC bid adiu to our temporary home. The real estate developer will be demolishing the building as part of a major renovation project for the mall. The webmaster and other members of the EXCOM who were there for the Saturday morning uniform distribution were the last ones out...and turned off the lights before we locked the door.