U6 Guidelines
The U6 age group uses the following parameters:

·          Size 3 soccer ball

·          Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by a sock.  A player is not allowed to play in a game or practice without them

·          No jewelry of any kind is allowed.  Earrings cannot be taped over and must be removed before the child can play.  No exceptions!

·          Allowed 1 hour practice time per week

·          Games are played 3v3 without goalies

·          Two small-sided games will be played at the same time with half the players participating in 1 game and the remaining players in the second game.  The coach should be on one field and the assistant coach should be on the other field. 

·          There will be 4 quarters each lasting 8 minutes. 

·          Player substitution can be done at any time during the game.  There will be a 2 minute break between quarters and a 5 minute break at halftime.

·          The coaches are responsible for refereeing the games.  There are no formal referees at this age level.

·          A kick-off will be done at the beginning of each quarter. 

·          Any ball that goes out of bounds or in the goal will be put back into play by either coach rolling the ball onto the field.  The coach should yell “new ball” and then roll the ball to a player that hasn’t been involved in the play.  By doing this all players get a chance to touch the ball several times during each game. 

·          There are no kick-ins or throw-ins at this age level.

·          Do not teach or encourage heading the ball.

·          Medical and liability forms must be carried by the coach to all team activities