U6 Boys
League Director: Camilla Hughart Roberts
Email:     croberts11@gmail.com
Phone:   301-500-5977
About the U6 Boys League
The U6 Boys League is for boys 5-6 years old that teaches the fundamentals of soccer. The league's primary objectives for players in this age group is maximum activity, maximum touches on the ball, an absence of focus on winning, and a focus on individual learning, fun and success. The younger U5 and U4 leagues are coed, so this is the first time boys who have played with BRYC will have the chance to play with just boys on their team.

Each team will have about 10 -12 players on them. There will be a head coach and many will have an assistant coach to help run the team. BRYC is a volunteer league, and it relies on parents especially at the younger levels.  

For more information on when the season starts and ends please look at the schedule.


  • Practices vary depending on the team but at this age level are for one hour in the evening between 5 and 7 PM.
  • We play two simultaneous 3v3 games on Saturdays. 
  • Each child can bring their own size 3 soccer ball but balls will also be provided by the coach. 
  • Please bring a water bottle with your daughter's name on it for each practice and game.
  • Uniforms are required and are availble to order during early and regular registration (not late registration) and are available at Uniform Night. If you ordered a shirt when you registered please try it on before Uniform Night to make sure it is the right size.  To find the date for Uniform Night, please refer to the Season Schedule (find the radio button to the left on the Home page).
  • Shin guards are required and mandatory. 
  • Cleats are not required but highly recommended for safety. 
  • NO pets, alcohol or smoking are allowed on school grounds.
  • There are no restroom facilities on the practice or game sites so plan accordingly.
  • Weather Line: 703.354.7101