Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL)
Deputy Commissioner: Anthony Pagano

Email:  bryc_all_stars@live.com
Phone:  (703) 426-5505

Tryout Announcements
BRYC travel team tryouts for spring 2019

BRYC Girls Travel Team Spring 2019 Tryout Notices:



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BRYC Boys Travel Team Tryout Notices:


U12 Boys ODSL BRYC Strykers will be holding tryouts  during our regularly scheduled Friday evening practices starting this Friday, October 19th. We are looking for 2-3 talented, committed players to join our roster. 

For those that are not familiar with ODSL, The ODSL program offers players who are interested in taking the step from recreational to travel soccer an opportunity to “look before you leap,” while providing development in a fulfilling, but less intense, travel atmosphere. 

Please contact Coach Carlos Santizo at santizoc4@gmail.com or the Strykers’ Team Manager Angela Santizo at brycstrykers1@gmail.com for time and field location.


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BRYC Elite Tryouts:  


Five Myths About the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL)
If you’re not familiar with the Old Dominion Soccer League, let us clear up a few myths:

          Myth 1. You already have to be a great soccer player to play in ODSL.

Fact: ODSL is a developmental league, a place where players can learn the game without the intense pressure of competing at increasingly higher levels.  Their motto is Play with Dignity, Respect Your Opponent.

Myth 2: Players have to commit to playing year-round.

Fact: ODSL has two seasons just like recreational soccer and encourages players to play other sports or explore other interests.

Myth 3: It’s very expensive.

Fact. ODSL is not much more expensive than rec soccer.  Teams pay a separate league registration fee and most play in a tournament or two, but since virtually all coaches are unpaid volunteers they also try to keep costs at a minimum. 

Myth 4: There is a lot of travel involved.

Fact: In our area virtually all games are in Northern Virginia, most in Fairfax County.  There is however the occasional away game in a Stafford or a Winchester.

Myth 5: ODSL teams are always practicing.

Fact: Most ODSL teams practice about the same number of hours a week as rec teams – usually twice a week for about 1 ½ hours.