Classes for New Referees

BRYC hosts certification classes at W.T. Woodson High School and Frost Middle School in Fairfax.  These classes are for new referees and are usually scheduled in March and August.  Our instructors are Mr. Harvey Finberg and Mr. Tom Costigan, both US Soccer Federation (USSF) certified instructors who have trained BRYC referees for many years.    

Depending on the needs of our referee program, we usually offer one of two types of referee classes prior to the spring or fall season: USSF Grade 8 Referee or USSF Grade 9 Recreational Referee.

Upon successful completion of the Grade 9 class, you will be certified as a USSF Grade 9 referee.  This certification is appropriate for officiating recreational youth soccer games through age 14.  After two seasons, you will take another class to upgrade to USSF Grade 8 referee.  This class generally meets for a total of nine hours over several days, including a 2-3 hour on-field session.  The upgrade class is about 8 hours.

The Grade 8 class is appropriate for officiating all youth games and some adult games, though you will be expected to perform well at younger age games before taking on more challenging assignments.  The Grade 8 class is usually 16-18 hours over several days.

New referees must attend the entire instructional program to receive certification.  Parents of youth referees may audit BRYC-sponsored classes for free.  There is no minimum age to attend the class and be certified to officiate games.  However, Virginia child-labor laws prohibit youth referees from working for pay until they are 12 years old.

Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.   Cost for all classes is $65.00. 

For a list of available classes in Northern Virginia, see www.vadcsoccerref.com.   The BRYC-sponsored classes will appear on the list in early March and early August.