BRYC U14 Girls
League Director: Jon Fredrick

Email:   jbcs1237@verizon.net 
Phone:  (703)  477-0326


Braddock Road Youth Club U14 Girls teams participate in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL), allowing the girls to play in competition against a variety of teams of similar composition from around the area. Sportsmanship, fair play, and a friendly atmosphere among all participants, including coaches, players, officials, and spectators are requirements for participation in the SFL.

U14G Road Runners and Spirit teams get together for a little off-season fun of laser tag

Members of the Fall 2014 U14G Road Runners and Spirit teams got together on Friday, January 23 at Shadlowland Laser Adventures in Chantilly for laser tag, food, and fun.  The evening started off with the girls (and coaches and parents) enjoying some pizza, soda, and brownies.  Nothing like getting a full stomach of food before running around a couple hours.  This was followed by the girls, a few parents, and coaches playing four games of laser tag.  Players were given score cards at the end of each game to let them know how they did compared to everyone else.  Our participants included:  Aelise, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Randal, Lexis, Lauren, Goobatron, Reeses, Marshal Mathers, Toe Ball, Slim Shady, The Champ, MVP, Divergent, Demon, Demon's Dad, Alicia, Maha Fresh, Poo Poo, Isal, Jessica, Attack on China, Erza, Stan, Laura, DesireeR, Flcon, Sooter, and Sweet Killer.  Congrats to our individual laser tag winners:  Sweet Killer, The Champ, Toe Ball, and Lexis.  A fun evening was had by all.  A special thank you to Jason Stanley, coach of the Road Runners, for organizing this wonderful event.


BRYC U14 Girls Coaches (Spring 2015)

Siobhan Starrs

Jason Stanley

Jon Fredrick


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