If you’ve got a little time on your hands and want to support BRYC and your soccer-playing kids in a very important way, why not volunteer? Call or email the Commissioner, James Sullivan, to volunteer your services for the next available position on the BRYC Executive Committee.  

Meetings are held monthly leading up to and during the spring and fall soccer seasons. Some positions require more (or less) of an additional time commitment. James can give you all the details.

The organization can’t survive without parents to perform each of the important tasks below. And you’ll feel good doing it. We’d love to welcome you.
Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners:
(see League Directors for specific age groups below)
 BRYC President (and Past Rec Soccer Commissioner )
Dane Merkel
Executive Committee
Rec Soccer Commissioner
703-475-6004 (cell)
Deputy Commissioner
 (Senior Div: U13-U19)
703-451-8081 (home)
703-517-3449 (cell)
Deputy Commissioner
(Junior Div: U8-U12)
703-503-5624 (home)
Deputy Commissioner
(Mini-Kickers Div: U4-U7)
(703) 304-1360 (cell) 
Deputy Commissioner
(ODSL Division)
All Star Tournament Cooordinator
Anthony Pagano
(703) 426-5505 (home)




Registration Director

703-268-8981 (cell)



Budget Coordinator

Elizabeth Giuliani

Training Director
703-475-6003 (cell)
Uniform Coordinator
(571) 251-1591 (cell)
Fields Scheduler


Equipment Director & Fields Management
Craig Willett
(703) 980-7820 (cell)
Referee Director
703-426-4914 (home)
Tasha Beckman
Social Media Coordinator


Age Group League Directors
The Most Important Folks on the EXCOM!
Spring 2017 Age Groups & League Directors
Age Group Birth Year(s) League Director Contact Info
U04 Coed 2013 Joan Smith 1candlechick@comcast.net
U05 Coed 2012 Trevor Brammer brammer.trevor@gmail.com
U06 Boys 2011 Ryan Neff rrneff@gmail.com
U06 Girls 2011 Shobha McConnell shobha404@gmail.com
U07 Boys 2010 Devon Kramer devonc.kramer@gmail.com
U07 Girls 2010 Susan Winkle susan.winkle@gmail.com
U08 Boys 2009 Katherine Shapiro shapirokat@verizon.net
U08 Girls 2009 Bryan Kirchner bkirch@gmail.com
U09 Boys 2008 Joe Wiley Joeandyudy@yahoo.com
U09 Girls 2008 Dalila Belmadani dalila_belmadani@yahoo.fr
U10 Boys 2007 Peter Phipps (acting) petersphipps@gmail.com
U10 Girls 2007 Kimya Bailey Cajchun kcajchun@msn.com
U11/12 Boys 2005-2006 Mike Essig essigmw@gmail.com
U11/12 Girls 2005-2006 Joan Smith 1candlechick@comcast.net
U13/14 Boys 2003-2004 Mark Davis mdavis@gmail.com
U13/14 Girls 2003-2004 Tracy Seamans stayhomemommy03@yahoo.com
U16/19 Girls 8/1/1997-2002 Mac Squires mh2squir3@verizon.net
U16 Boys 2001-2002 Genny Sarratt gsarratt@yahoo.com
U19 Boys 1998-2000 Genny Sarratt gsarratt@yahoo.com