All Star Coach Megan Kipp "Gets It"
U10G "Galaxy" All Star Coach Leads Team to Unblemished 4-0 Tournament Record

June 20 -- "You know... some coaches understand that when kids FEEL like a team... they PLAY like a team.  Megan clearly gets it."  That high praise for Megan Kipp comes from BRYC’s Co-Training Director Joan Sullivan, another coach who clearly "gets it".  If you can judge coaches by success on the pitch and the devotion of players and parents alike, Megan and Joan are two of the best. 

A recent BRYC recreational and travel soccer player herself, Megan loves the beautiful game, and loves coaching girls!  She holds a USSF/VYSA D License. She is the Woodson High School JV girls assistant coach.  She has been a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance since 2007. She is also the recipient of the 2008 Champion of Character Sportsmanship Coaching Award from Fairfax County.  BRYC is lucky to be able to tap her talents and love at tournament time.

Megan is a player’s coach in the best sense of the phrase.  Currently coaching the VISTA X-plosion in WAGS Division 5, one line from their web page says a lot about her coaching style:  "Our goals are to have fun, train hard, and have a great time together."  That the Galaxy did!  Here’s Megan’s description of the weekend, sent to her team but too good not to share:

Wow! What a tournament! U-10 Galaxy went undefeated this weekend scoring an impressive 21 goals while conceding only 2. Our success was certainly a team effort with 7 girls scoring! Bridget O (Lightning) Bridget C (Bee C), Olivia (Sassafras), Mya (Puma), Sarai (Bananas), Willow (Starburst) and Emma (Moo) tallied our goals, while Jordan (Hummingbird), Abby (Wildthing), Aine (Warrior), Kate (Ninja) and super keeper Brianna (Bumblebri) held down our defense!

Two decisive wins on Saturday against VYSA and Reston resulted in Galaxy needing only a tie against an undefeated PWSI on Sunday to move on; win they did, with an impressive 2-0 victory. The girls then played against a talented Mclean team in the finals. Mclean scored first. With tons of team spirit, Galaxy rallied back to tie it up. Two overtimes came and went with the score still tied. Galaxy had practiced PKs during our practices and our shootout lineup did exactly what we practiced!

What a great weekend with a talented group of girls and an amazing group of parents. Big thanks to travel players Claire and Kelsey for helping coach and pass on their love of the game! WELL DONE GALAXY!!!

If one of your goals for the kids is to have fun and have a good time together, there’s not much doubt that Megan succeeded, as a final picture or their post-tournament ice cream break, shows.  But if there is any doubt, a note to the All Star Coordiantor from Monique Burgos, (Banana’s Mom), tells the story:

The experience was one [my daughter] will treasure for a long time. The very next day, she said "I miss All Stars". I know by that she meant the coaches, the girls and the positive experience it was for her. From day one of practices Coach Megan began the process of bonding the girls and friends as a team. From the drills, to the cheers, to coming up with nick names for each player, to the All Star party that included Team Tank Tops, making signs and a motivational CD for each girl that they listened to on the way to games (and lots of other things)!! It was the total experience that helped the girls want to give it their all on the field. I can’t say enough...."


Megan is far from the only BRYC coach who gives his/her all for their regular season and All Star squads.  Thanks to all of them for their dedication and commitment to the kids.  They are what makes BRYC one of the most respected recreational programs in the area.  There would be no program without them.  If you want to have a really positive influence on your kids like Megan Kipp, Joan Sullivan, and more than 100 others, why not think about volunteering next season?