BRYC Boys Win Three Championships in 2013 FPYC Spring Tourney
U19 Girls Also Make it to Finals Before Falling Just Short

Congratulations to four squads of BRYC Boys who bested the field in their respective divisions of the FPYC Fathers’ Day Tournament. 

Playing in four tough matches over the beautiful two-day Fathers’ Day weekend, Coach Yong Kim’s U8 Boys finished the tournament with a perfect 4-0 record, outscoring their opponents 19-6 with a strong offense and a very stingy defense.  The U8’s don’t play for trophies but you can bet that the coach and his boys will be loking forward to the fall season when they will be playing at the U9 level and championship hardware is on the line.  Coach Kim wrote "...all the boys and the families had an incredible and memorable weekend of soccer at its best."  His happy boys are pictured to the right.

Meanwhile, the slightly older boys were also giving it all they had in search of a tournament championship and three teams went all the way.  The U9 Boys squad coached by Anthony Pagano, the U10 Boys squad coached by Mohamed Diaw, and the U11 Boys squad coached by Andy Seamans, also each finished the tournament weekend with unblemished 4-0 records, each coming home with handsome tournament trophies. 

All three of the tournament-winning coaches wrote glowing comments about how proud they were of the boys and what they had accomplished.  Coach Seamans submitted the team photo below left.  Coach Diaw submitted the team photo below right.  Coach Pagano’s U9 boys are featured in a photo spread on the U9B League page


Falling just short of a championship were the talented U19 Girls, known as the "She Devils", coached by Mac Squires, assisted by Doug Alcorn and Martin Quiroz.  The girls finshed the preliminaries with a record of 2-0-1 to advance to the finals, but there they were bested by a very physical squad from Prince William (PWSI). 

She Devil alum Sydney Astrow wrote that the BRYC team "...couldn’t keep up with the constant pressure, and Prince William scored with 13 minutes left in the first half. The second half was more evenly played until Prince William scored on a breakaway down the left side with about 10 minutes left in the game."  PWSI scored a questionable third goal when the She Devil’s keeper appeared to have possession of the ball but lost it when a Prince William player stepped on her arm, "...all to the great frustration of the BRYC fan base that filled the stands for every game and brought the team great support.  Late in the game, the referee acknowledged the physical beating our girls had taken for nearly an hour and gave a yellow card to a Prince William player..." but by then the outcome had been determined. 

Instead of finalist trophies, the girls were awarded finalist T-shirts... possibily to the disappointment of the girls who certainly earned them, but apparently much to the delight of the parents of the graduating seniors who would otherwise be leaving them behind for their mothers to dust!  Their team photo is to the right.  For a gallery of action photos click here.

Additional team and action photos will be posted shortly for the six teams covered by the Webmaster over the two days or submitted by parents and coaches on the fourteen teams where the webmaster was unable to see the action.  Watch for them in the next several days.