Fall 2014 All Stars ... Baby, It's Cold Outside!
All Star Squads Endure Frigid Temperatures to Bring Home Some Hardware from the Herndon All Star Cup

It's an honor to be selected for an end-of-season All Star squad, but in what may be the lowest temperatures for an All Star tournament in recent memory, players, parents, and coaches had to endure two days of bitter cold to reach championship matches on Sunday.  At least four teams did so, including the second division Champion U10 Boys coached by Mike Essig; first division Finalist U11 Boys coached by Sean Flanagan; second division Finalist U11 Girls coached by Joe Wiley; and first division Champion..the "creme de la creme", U19 Girls coached by Josh Rock.  The webmaster endured the same cold to capture some great photos..and got an assist from an assistant coach and a parent or two .  It's hard to choose from the hundreds of photos but these three are the webmasters favorites.

  Even Viennna's goalie applauded           The U19 Girls' semi final match vs.             The U19 Boys, coached by Mitch 
   this stop during a nine-round PK            NVSC was a thrilling, come from                Peyser 
play some hard-headed
   shootout in the U11 Boys semis.         behind 2-1 win. (Photo by M. Quiroz)            soccer, but lost in the semi-finals.       

Complete photo sets for these three teams are linked by clicking on the action photo above.  Additional photo sets are posted for coach Jennifer Oleyar's U9 Girls and coach Mitch Bennett's U10 Girls.  And, while the webmaster didn't get to their games for action photos, team photos are posted for the trophy winning U10 Boys coached by Mike Essig and the U11 Girls coached by Joe Wiley and Tye McGrath.

And finally check out the three photos below which will give you an idea of just how cold it was!

      U19 Boys cheering section on Sunday.     U9 and U19 Girls players bundled up on the sidelines, waiting to go in, coach!