Take the Challenge!!!!

At the end of every season, BRYC hosts the "Coach's Challenge".

The Coach's Challenge pits the coaches of the boy's rec teams against the coaches of the girl's rec teams. It is ALWAYS an epic game!

AND it's a FUN, family event. We invite the families of all of the coaches because the coach isn't the only one who gives their time during the season.

So far the boy's coaches have won all but one of the challenges, but the girl's coaches are always fighting. We know we will come out with the numerical advantage sooner or later...

... because it's never a win-lose thing... EVERYONE WINS!

  • the coaches get a chance to play the game they are coaching
  • their families get to come out to cheer for the coach (rather than the parent cheering for the child)
  • we all have snacks after the game, AND
  • we always have GREAT raffle prizes to give away!

Check out pictures from past Coach's Challenges... and come out and join us when you see the email. You will be glad you did!

(After you recover, of course.)