U5-U10 Golden Boot Team Training
Fall 2015 Schedule

For the U5-U10 Team Footskills, coaches will bring their whole team to Lake Braddock Park's Lower Field (NOTE: NOT Lake Braddock High School) for a session with a Golden Boot trainer. Coaches are requested to choose a topic in advance, review the drills, and work closely with the Trainer during the session.

The Team Footskills can be used in addition to your weekly practice(s), or in place of a weekly practice.

Fall 2015:

Coaches should review the schedule (below) and contact Julia Millward to reserve a session.

Please provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your cell number
  • Your team’s age group
    • EX: U9G, U12B
  • Desired Training Topic
  • Preferred session
    • Tuesdays or Wednesdays; 5:00-6:00pm or 6:00-7:00pm

Fall 2015 Training Schedule: (updated 9/2/2015 9:15pm)

Day/Date Time Session  Coach Topic Age Group  Day/Date Time Session  Coach Topic Age Group 
Tuesday, Sept. 8 5:00-6:00pm   1.01 Valerie Poggio Turns and Changing Directions U6B Wednesday, Sept. 9  5:00-6:00pm 1.07 Kati Barber    Striking the Ball   U8G
    1.02 Ben Miller Passing and Receiving U5 Coed     1.08 Sven Gosnell  Dribbling Basics U5 Coed
    1.03           1.09 Andy Lowden Dribbling Basics U6B
  6:00-7:00pm 1.04 Brandon Lucado Dribbling Basics U5 Coed   6:00-7:00pm   1.10 Jasen Blacksburg 1v1 U8B
    1.05 Sean Kayes Passing and Receiving U6B     1.11 Daniel Sweet Footskills U6G
    1.06 Sue Morrissey Footskills U5 Coed     1.12 Liz Smith 1v1 U9G
Tuesday, Sept. 15   5:00-6:00pm 2.01 Christian Lanoue   Turns and Changing Directions  U7B Wednesday, Sept. 16   5:00-6:00pm 2.07 Julia Millward   Combination Plays  U10G
    2.02 Michele Millsaps Passing and Receiving U9G     2.08 Omar Wheatley  Footskills U6B
    2.03 Andy Lowden Striking the Ball U8G     2.09 Keow Essig Goalkeeping U9B
  6:00-7:00pm 2.04 Chris Polson Turns and Changing Directions    U9B   6:00-7:00pm 2.10 Joe Swingle Scoring Goals U10B
    2.05 John Poreba Dribbling Basics U5 Coed     2.11 Jaime Quintero    Passing and Receiving  U9B
    2.06 Nelson Lameles  Defending U9B     2.12 Travis Clarke Passing and Receiving U8B
Tuesday, Sept. 22 5:00-6:00pm 3.01 Shane Tarbert Passing and Receiving U7B Wednesday, Sept. 23 5:00-6:00pm  3.07 Nathaniel Guldseth  Dribbling Basics U9B
    3.02 Mario Saravia Passing and Receiving U6B     3.08 Jaime Canales 1v1 U9B
    3.03 Jennifer Oleyar Combination Plays U10G     3.09 Brian Wilson Turns and Changing Directions     U8G
  6:00-7:00pm 3.04 Bryan Kirchner Striking the Ball U6G   6:00-7:00pm 3.10 Carolyn Kosowski     Footskills U6B
    3.05 Ed Bronson Dribbling Basics U6G     3.11 Dino Constantino Speed Dribbling  U10B
    3.06 James Hilliard Passing and Receiving U6G     3.12 Kyle Momison 1v1 U7B
Tuesday, Sept. 29 5:00-6:00pm 4.01 Rob Shrader Striking the Ball U7B Wednesday, Sept. 30  5:00-6:00pm 4.07 Tim Kelly Footskills U6B
    4.02 Julia Kennedy Passing and Receiving U8B     4.08 Keow Essig Dribbling Basics U7B
    4.03 Katherine Shapiro   Turns and Changing Directions  U7B     4.09 Nellie Rhodes Combination Plays U10B
  6:00-7:00pm 4.04 Chris Couley Footskills U5 Coed   6:00-7:00pm 4.10 Camilla Roberts Goalkeeping U9G
    4.05 Joe Wiley Dribbling Basics U7B     4.11 Tom Mathis Footskills U7G
    4.06 Marcelo Morales Passing and Receiving U7G     4.12 Carey Ramirez Footskills U5 Coed
Tuesday, Oct. 6 5:00-6:00pm 5.01 Carlos Santizo 1v1 U8B Wednesday, Oct. 7 5:00-6:00pm 5.07 Tim Eagle Footskills U5 Coed
    5.02           5.08 Erin Willett Turns and Changing Directions U9B
    5.03           5.09 Mike Botta  Turns and Changing Directions U7G
  6:00-7:00pm 5.04 Scott Crowder Defending U8B   6:00-7:00pm 5.10 Tim Eagle  Striking the Ball U7G
    5.05 John Connell 1v1 U8B     5.11 Tom Twomey 1v1 U8B
    5.06 Andrew McBride Dribbling Basics U10G     5.12 Manney Rameriz Turns and Changing Directions U7G
Tuesday, Oct. 13 5:00-6:00pm 6.01       Wednesday, Oct. 14 5:00-6:00pm 6.07 Paul Erickson Dribbling Basics U6G
    6.02           6.08      
    6.03           6.09      
  6:00-7:00pm 6.04 Abe McAllister Passing and Receiving U9G   6:00-7:00pm 6.10 John Bartus Dribbling Basics U7B
    6.05           6.11 Paul Erickson Passing and Receiving U8B
    6.06           6.12 Scot Spann 1v1 U10B