U5-U10 Team Footskills
Fall 2014 Schedule

For the U5 - U10 Team Footskills, coaches will bring their whole team to Lake Braddock Lower Field for a session with a Golden Boot trainer. Practice outlines are available below. Coaches are requested to choose a topic in advance, review the drills, and work closely with the Trainer during the session.

The Team Footskills can be used in addition to your weekly practice(s), or in place of a weekly practice.

Fall 2014 Format:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Field:  Lake Braddock Park, Lower Field - 9450 Lake Braddock Drive, Burke, VA
  • Two one-hour sessions per day (5-6pm and 6-7pm); Three teams will be trained per session
  • Coaches may sign up for TWO sessions initially. If there is still space, I will send out an email to our coaches to see if anyone would like an additional session.
  • Session Topics for U5-U7 Include:  1.) Dribbling;  2.) Turns/Change of Direction;  3.) Putting the Ball in the Goal
  • Session Topics for U8 and Above Include:  1.) Passing;  2.) 1v1;  3.) Shooting
  • [Click Here for Golden Boot Curriculum for all age groups]
  • If you can’t make a session, let the Training Director know as soon as possible so that another team can take the space.
  • You will receive a confirmation/reminder email the week before your session. You can always come check this site as well to confirm your session. (I try to keep it up to date.)

Coaches should review the schedule (below) and contact the Training Director to reserve a session. The Training Director will need:

  • your name
  • age group
  • topic
  • cell phone number

Training Schedule for Fall 2014:  COMING SOON!!!