U11-U19 Team Training

The U11-U19 Team Training is a great program that brings the Golden Boot Trainer to your team’s practice.

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Fall 2014 Format:

  • Mondays and Thursdays
  • 1 to 1-1/2 hour sessions available
  • Trainer will come to your field at the time you specify to work with your team
  • If you do not practice on Monday or Thursday, please contact myself or Trish Moxie, she will help you arrange a practice space for your training.
  • Coach picks the topic, it can be as simple as: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting... or you can work with the Golden Boot on specific topics of your choice.
  • Each team should receive at least one training session per season. However, if everyone has had a chance to sign up, and there are still openings, you may request an additional session.
  • Review the attached schedule and contact the Training Director to sign up for a session. The Training Director will need your name, age group, topic, field, time and a contact cell phone #.

Training Schedule:  (Updated 9/9/2014  10:47pm)

Date Day  Session  Coach Subject Age Time Location
9/8/2014 Monday      1.1  Siobhan Starrs Attacking/Shooting U13-14G 5:30-6:30 Golden Boot Field
9/2/2014 Tuesday      1.2  Scott Saratt        
9/11/2014 Thursday      1.3  Jon Frederick Footskills U14G 5:00-6:00 Pine Ridge #4
  Thursday      1.4  Jason Stanley Footskills U14G 5:00-6:00 Pine Ridge #4
9/15/2014 Monday      2.1  James Sullivan   U16-19G 5:30-6:45 Woodson West
  Monday      2.2           
9/18/2014 Thursday      2.3  Joe Wiley Defending U12G 5:30-7:00 Golden Boot Field
  Thursday      2.4  Doug Alcorn   U14G 5:30-6:30 Winterset
9/22/2014 Monday      3.1 Jon Frederick Offense U14G 5:00-6:00 Pine Ridge #4
  Monday      3.2 Jason Stanley Offense U14G 5:00-6:00 Pine Ridge #4
9/25/2014 Thursday      3.3           
  Thursday      3.4  Jaime Canales Footskills U11-12B 5:30-6:30  
9/29/2014 Monday      4.1           
  Monday      4.2           
10/2/2014 Thursday      4.3  Tye McGrath Defending/Footskills U11G   Need field space
  Thursday      4.4           
10/6/2014 Monday      5.1           
  Monday      5.2           
10/9/2014 Thursday      5.3           
  Thursday      5.4  Jaime Canales Defending U11-12B 5:30-6:30  
10/13/2014 Monday      6.1           
  Monday      6.2           
10/16/2014 Thursday      6.3           
  Thursday      6.4