U6 Boys Tough Green Fireballs Take On Magic Buffalo Cobras
...and Then the Rains Came

September 8 -- On what started as a gorgeous Saturday for soccer, by noon, at the start of the first U6 Boys game of the day at Frost Middle School, the teams of Coaches Keow Essig (the Tough Green Fireballs, wearing blue) and Bernie Fructuoso (the Magic Buffalo Cobras, wearing gray) were ready to play!  Energy that the boys just might have been saving up all summer came out on the pitch.  Any attempt to keep track of a score would have proved futile, as action on the two side-by-side fields of 3v3 play was non-stop from the moment kickoff until the final whistle. 


Well, actually, at the U6 level there isn’t really a kickoff and there is no referee to blow a whistle.  The point of U6 action is repeated ball touches, scoring at will against little or no defense, and generally just getting a feel for moving the ball down the field toward the goal.  It was fun to watch!  And somehow, all eight U6 Boys teams managed to get their games in before the rains came.  (The U6 Girls weren’t so lucky.  Their games will be made up at a later date tba.)


The webmaster’s grandson just happens to play for the Tough Greeen Fireballs so this opening day contest became the game of the week, kind of by default.  For additional photos, check out the U6B League page.  Other parents and grandparents are definitely invited (indeed encouraged) to capture their children and grandchildren in action every week and submit a couple to a couple dozen photos to the webmaster with just enough text to make a story.  Email brycstars@aol.com.