Canterbury Woods ES Was the Place to Be on Saturday!
Apart From Opening Day, Photo Day Is the Most Exciting Day of the Season

There can't be anything more exciting than Photo Day at Canterbury Woods Elementary School, when well over 500 kids and their parents start lining up for their team and individual photos before 8:00 AM, and the chaotic but well-oiled machine continues until mid-afternoon when the final group of teams arrives. Starting in the school lobby where Mac Squires and the gang from CCI is there to sell BRYC sprit wear, to assembling the kids into their team groupings along the walls to the gymnasium, to watching the parents comb their children's hair, to watching the trained photographers from Olsen Studios coax each child into the perfect position, it's all a wonder to behold.  Here are just a few of the more "candid" photos from September 29, with a bunch more at our Facebook page, "BRYC Soccer", focusing on Coach Delila Belmadani's U10 Boys, the Golden Ninjas, Patty Kuong's U6 Boys, the Sharks, and Lightning, the U5 Mixed team coached by Mario Saravia. The kids are adorable!

Also posted on the Facbook page is a large series of photos from the matchup between coach (and League Director) Dalila Belmadani's Golden Ninjas and Coach Mario Savaria's older boys' team, the Silver Sharks, a great game at Pine Ridge Park that ended in a 2-2 draw. Coach Mario got a large dose of soccer this weekend with at least two games and two team photo sessions. Thanks, Mario!)