Mini Kickers Play on the Robinson Turf
Golden Cheetahs, Purple Puppy Cheetahs, Cheerios, Super Stars, T-Rex, Animals, et al Return to Action

On a brisk (but DRY!) fall Saturday, the last of the season, BRYC Rec Soccer returned to full action, with the beleagured Mini Kickers moving their games from water-logged Lake Braddock to the beautiful environs of  Robinson Secondary School, playing on the upper turf, using cones and discs to deliniate six separate small fields. (Thanks to Deputy Commissioner Tim Eagle. League Directors Mike Roach, Devon Cramer, Kimya Cajchun, Camilla Hughart Roberts, Derek Bathrick and other helpers for quick work in getting Robinson ready for action after three missed Saturdays earlier this season due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions. It wasn't about to happen again.) It's been one of those seasons, but this final fall Saturday, with many players bundled warmly in their sweats, hoodies, and knit caps, and with colorful falling leaves blowing everywhere, was nonetheless a perfect way to end the season.

The photos below, and many, many more on our Facebook page at "BRYC Soccer" are from the 11:00 AM games featuring the six teams listed in the headline, all of whom played their hearts out, looking like they can't wait until the spring season. Thanks for great parental support all season (how else does a 6 year-old get to the field?) from familes, friends, and especially our dedicated coaches. See you in the spring. DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER!