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2019 Fall Season Registration

Registration is open for 2019 Fall Season.  Please register NOW to reserve your spot!



If you need assistance, please email BRYC's Recreational Soccer Registrar, Karen Saunders, at

For general information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions click here.

BRYC Travel Teams Tryout Announcements...
BRYC travel teams are holding tryouts for the fall 2019 season

BRYC Travel Teams - Tryout Notifications!

If your child is interested in travel soccer, some of our BRYC travel teams will be holding tryouts for the fall 2019 season.



BRYC ODSL & NCSL Boys & Girls Teams:  CLICK HERE to view the tryout schedules.

BRYC Elite Academy and NCSL BOYS Teams: CLICK HERE to view the tryout schedules.

BRYC Elite Academy and NCSL GIRLS Teams: CLICK HERE to view the tryout schedules.

** BE SURE... to contact the coach to express interest and to confirm tryout information. **

Summer Camps for our BRYC Players!

Are you looking for a summer camp for your child?

BRYC's training partner, Golden Boot Soccer, offers a variety of summer camps, some exclusive for BRYC players. They also offer a $20 discount to all BRYC players!

CLICK HERE to go to our Player Development Page to see the list of Golden Boot Camps running this summer.




The Coaches of the Girls Teams Take the Win in the 8th Annual Spring Coach's Challenge

Sunday, June 23 - At the end of every season, our coaches meet for the Coach's Challenge. The game pits the coaches of our girls teams against the coaches of boys teams. It's ALWAYS a great game! We had a gorgeous day... we had the MOST coaches we've ever had participating in the game... and we had LOTS of cheering family! As I watch our coaches play every season, I'm always so proud! They are great players... and great sports. They pass on the right message to our kids... learn and love the game, but also learn the life lessons that come from youth sports. I hope all of our coaches have a great summer. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch this fall!

Time for a Little Appreciation!
From the healthy grass on our playing fields...

Because of the outstanding turf blankets expertly installed by CoverSports in March, our playing fields are looking good! The protection and natural warmth retained by the turf blankets coaxed the existing grass and new seed to grow and green-up more quickly than usual, plus kept the amendments applied by our awesome volunteers in place. 

Thanks to all!

Kicking It - Correctly!
Footskills Clinics April 16-18th


April 16-18th, Coach Bill Creswick, local soccer legend and nationally-licensed soccer coach with USSF and NSCAA accreditation, conducted our Footskills Clinic at the King’s Glen ES.

Attended by 20 players in each of the three age groups, everyone seemed to have fun while soaking in Coach’s technique tips, and practicing age appropriate drills. BRYC is very fortunate to have Coach Bill’s talents, experience and continued support for our players, teams and club!

BRYC hosts Footskills Clinics every season. In spring, it's over spring break. Over the summer it's in late July or early August.

Good footskills are the foundation of any player's game. Coach Bill's session is 4 hours of non-stop touches on the ball that will help your player improve their control of the ball, and their game.

Hope to see you at the next clinic!



Youth Soccer Safety is More Than Shinguards!
BRYC has new mandatory safeguards at the fields, too.

To make this a success, LD’s, Coaches and parents, we need your help as follows:

The Equipment Boxes:

Please pass the equipment box warning labels photo to your coaches and parents. Explain briefly the safety concerns with the boxes. The warning labels will be on the boxes this week.

The Goals:

BRYC’s soccer goals now have yellow warning labels as a reminder to anchor them properly and prohibit climbing on them (Also covered on the Setup and Takedown Safety Checklists). 

Setup/Takedown Safety Checklists:

Please make sure all coaches have received the Safety Checklists.
Confirm that coaches know it is mandatory to follow the actions listed. 
Remind coaches to teach parents (helping with setup/takedown) to follow the mandatory safety procedures.
Remind coaches that the Safety Checklist actions for soccer goals and field equipment boxes must also be followed when BRYC teams play on another club’s field.

Thank you for helping make this a safe season for everyone in the Braddock Road Youth Club!

Scoring Smiles and goodwill!
BRYC donated equipment brings happiness and hope to a Haitian soccer league.

Every season, on Uniform Night, our “Donations Table” collects gently used equipment that’s unneeded by BRYC families. So, what to do with those surplus items? Last fall we heard of an altruistic Boy Scout who’s Eagle Project was to collect surplus soccer equipment during the 2017 Fall HCC for Goals Beyond the Net*, a non-profit charity working in Haiti. Some BRYC ODSL teams were competing at the HCC, so we decided to help him!

Kudos go to Joan Smith and Anthony Pagano for storing the donated gear from seasons past and discovering this worthy cause! As a result, BRYC contributed: cleats (11 pairs), jerseys (9 sets, 2 goalie & 14 miscellaneous), 11 shorts, 2 pants, 26 pairs of socks, 11 shinguards, 3 soccer bags and 29 water bottles. Our All Star program contributed over 300 jerseys!

And many thanks to the HCC Tournament Director, for sharing these photos of the Haitian kids wearing BRYC gear, and big smiles.


At BRYC, we love to support worthy causes that help less fortunate children. Won’t you please join us? Remember to bring your gently used soccer gear on Uniform Night (or anytime) and help another player have a great season. The smiles say it all!


*Goals Beyond The Net, (GBTN) is a non-profit organization that’s changing the lives of children living in severe poverty in Jacmel, Haiti by creating the Jacmel United Football Club. Through the teams the Coaches oversee the children; serve as their mentors, facilitators, educators, and are responsible for the "total well-being" of the child. Their structured soccer academy is key in providing much needed educational scholarships, healthcare, character development, English literacy, soccer, and economic sustainability through goat farming to the children. Visit to read more or donate.


This season BRYC has partnered with Inova to offer baseline concussion testing to our players. Please consider taking advantage of this service!

Click on these links for:

Feel free to contact the Inova staff directly:

  • Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program
  • Hotline: 703-970-6427
  • Available 24/7


Inclement Weather Policy

When inclement weather threatens play, BRYC officials walk the fields early game day morning to assess playing conditions. If adverse conditions at a field--usually, substantial amounts of standing water--are determined to pose a threat of injury to the players or damage to the field, all games scheduled at the field for the entire day are canceled and an announcement is placed on the BRYC hotline 703-354-7101) and it will be updated at 7:00 a.m. Note that BRYC officials may cancel games at certain fields, while allowing games at other fields to proceed.

When BRYC officials determine fields are playable despite inclement weather conditions, a message that games will be played as scheduled is placed on the hotline. If inclement weather continues, the trainers, in consultation with the league director decides whether to proceed with the scheduled game. Games terminated after half of the game has been played are considered complete.

Thunder and Lightning Policy:
IN CASE OF THUNDER OR LIGHTNING IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA, PLAY WILL BE SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY!! Everyone (no exceptions) must immediately leave the field, seek shelter in their vehicles, and wait 30 minutes. The 30-minute waiting period starts again if additional thunder/lightning is observed. If inclement weather persists, your trainers will terminate the session.

BRYC Survives Thanks to Volunteers; Won't You Join Us?
As Little As a Few Hours Or As Much as a Season (or Ten!) Are Much Appreciated

BRYC Recreational Soccer wouldn't exist without the dedication of its volunteers.  Our coaches are the most visible, and without them we would certainly have no program, but the more than two dozen members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) work year-round to keep the organization running smoothly.

Social Media
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We are now on social media!  We invite you to follow us on social media to stay on top of our updates and announcements!  Please find us on Twitter (@bryc_soccer) and Facebook (

About Us
Celebrating Over 50 Years!

BRYC, the Braddock Road Youth Club, is a non-profit organization in Fairfax County, Virginia, established in 1966 to offer a variety of youth sports activities in the Burke/Annandale/ Springfield, Virginia area. BRYC Soccer is divided into two programs, Recreational Soccer (including ODSL) and Elite (Travel) Soccer. This web site is devoted exclusively to BRYC's Recreational Soccer program consisting of neighborhood-based teams. Any youth that signs up to play in the recreational league will be placed on a team. For information on BRYC Elite Soccer, go to "". For links to all the BRYC sports programs, from football to fast-pitch softball, go to ""

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